Soy Style: Did You KnOH?

Posted by Jessica, BiOH Polyols Marketing Manager on July 2, 2009

BIG NEWS! I am quite excited to announce the launch of our Soy Style: Did You KnOH? campaign that will start on Monday July 13 for two weeks… with the opportunity for someone to win $100 each day! Here’s how it works…

A  new post will be added each day  featuring a furniture or bedding company that uses foam with soy-based BiOH® polyols in their products. We had the opportunity to capture great videos in the showrooms of some fabulous companies in April at the High Point furniture market. You’ll  hear about the latest styles, how products are made, what actions they are taking around sustainability, and what makes each company’s story unique. It’ll be a fun way to do some research for your next furniture or mattress purchase!


Companies that will be highlighted include American Furniture Manufacturing, American Leather, Bauhaus, Bkind3, Broyhill, Cisco, Comfort Design, C.R.Laine, Harden, Lane Furniture, LEE Industries, Natura World, Precedent, and Willem Smith. It’s an amazing group of manufacturers with some fabulous stories… I think you’ll love meeting them!

Now on to the part about winning money…. it’s quite simple. All you’ll need to do to enter the contest each day is to add a comment on our daily blog post about the featured company.  We’ll select a favorite comment each day that’s relevant to the information in the post on each manufacturer and that demonstrates insight or creativity. You can share feedback on the styles, provide ideas on new designs, or highlight what you learned about the companies. For a complete list of the official rules, click here.

To recap, here’s how the Soy Style: Did You KnOH? campaign will work… Visit our blog each day July 13- 26, read the daily post, watch the videos, leave a comment with your thoughts, and maybe win some money!

Thoughts or questions on our Soy Style: Did You KnOH? campaign?

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  • Bonnie said on July 6, 2009:

    As someone who provides green living information to consumers and businesses, you are making my job so much easier, Thank You!!!

    Living a green lifestyle means finding a match between personal ethics, budget and quality and the Soy Style: Did You KnOH? campaign provides facts to make this decision easy!

    Will check in every day to learn more ;~D

  • Jessica Koster said on July 6, 2009:

    Thanks for the feedback Bonnie! I like the way you’ve outlined that “living a green lifestyle means finding a match between personal ethics, budget, and quality” – so true! Education on product offerings is step one so people can use that information to make the best personal decisions for their lives. We are very excited to kick off the Soy Style: Did you KnOH? campaign in a week, and I hope it provides more insight into some great companies and their unique products!!

  • Jon Siegel said on July 9, 2009:

    1)”BiOH Experience” pages are very well done, great idea! I envision “Did You KnOH” campaign w/ slogan to propel BiOH’s marketing efforts ten-fold… Bravo to your entire team on the concept!

    2)Product information/ language resonated immediately. I read much literature & ad copy re: topic and truthfully, with some aspects, I found it a bit difficult to fully grasp. The blue print provided here- for consumer education can’t be presented any simpler to understand in my opinion.”In Part” is also smart! No one likes to feel they might be getting mis-led or deceived.

    3)The Dealer Locator is an easy to use interface. Which should bode well. However, I only came across 3 mfg’s with in a 25 mile radius of HP! We must implement and further enhance communications to raise this number.

    We can leave the number of ways to go about this for further discussion.

    Again, GREAT WORK being done overall!

    PS: Can any one enter Soy Style contest and win? :)

  • Diane Christensen said on July 13, 2009:

    I appreciate the information about the BiOH product. My clients are inquiring more frequently. Thank you for the list of manufacturers.

  • jennifer swiderski said on July 16, 2009:

    I think it’s wonderful companies are actually making an effort, and also finally listening. afterall, as consumers we all ‘vote’ with our dollars. more an more we all want authenticity, and in thiseconomy, companies can not afford to ignore thier customers.
    I appreciate you offering these alternatives to all of us & companies we can purchase from!
    thank you!

  • Stephanie Lowder said on July 20, 2009:

    Thank You! American Furniture Manufacturing, American Leather, Bauhaus, Bkind3, Broyhill, Cisco, Comfort Design, C.R.Laine, Harden, Lane Furniture, LEE Industries, Natura World, Precedent, Willem Smith.

    Especially in this economy and current furniture marketplace, it takes courage, vision, and real leadership (plus, of course, stable financials) to invest in sustainable materials & resources.

    When people begin to breathe again, you will be rewarded for your commitment. People need something to sit upon, place upon, and gaze upon to make a comforting home – and, even more, they need oxygen to breathe and water to drink. Thank you for caring to help sustain these resources.

    It goes back to Mktg 101 – A “brand” is What Others Think You Stand For. Thank you for standing for a sustainable furniture industry and a sustainable planet. Turns out, people DO care about what’s inside their furniture and what’s been saved or used up to create it. KEEP WORKING on this, please.

    And good on BiOH for this creative effort to get the word out.


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